About Me

Not my self portrait

Q: Who are you?
Human (or Homo Sapiens is the cooler term).
I know the monkey self-portrait above could be misleading.

Q: LOL funny. Who are you really? What do you do?
Standard reply – I work as a strategist at a fin-tech startup.

Alternative reply – my FAQs as in “frequently acted-upon quests” include: binge drink soy/ almond coffee, worry about not having gone through follow 10+ podcasts & 20+ newsletters (and growing), fantasize think about what type of new food to try over the weekend, have no clue wonder about what I am (or should be) doing with life.

Q: What is this blog about?
Check out the Welcome Guide on what we serve at the Fully Booked Club.

Q: Where can I find more information about you?
Been-where-done-what: LinkedIn profile
Random thoughts: Twitter @RaynaWR
Email: bookings@fullybooked.club